Looking for a Glass Fence for Your Pool?

A pool or spa is a huge investment. To ensure you enjoy the view all year round why not surround it with a beautiful transparent glass fence. Glass pool fencing doesn’t only look slick and stylish it is incredibly durable and will never deteriorate, unlike other pool fence alternatives such as wood. It is also low maintenance and easy to keep clean.

Glass pool fencing is very versatile. It looks equally at home in a very modern setting or a quaint country environment. Glass fencing is unobtrusive, sophisticated, and practical and adds value to your pool or spa. Glass pool fencing also stands above other products when it comes to child safety. Because it is transparent you will always see if your loved ones are in danger.

We custom design, measure and install using only 12 mm toughened glass that is in accordance with Australian Standards.

Classic Glass Pool Fencing

Having a glass fence around your pool adds a touch of class and finish that and old metal fence can’t provide. Semi-frameless glass pool fencing is a fantastic way to save your views and add a touch of outdoor class. The good news: semi-frameless pool fencing is the most cost effective glass option you will find, and it looks great!

10mm thick toughened glass panels span up to two metres wide, slotting into powdercoated black or silver posts.

Make a Statement with Frameless

Take a leap forward and behold the ultimate glass pool fencing option: frameless. Sleek, sophisticated and endlessly customisable, there’s rarely a reason to search elsewhere. Through advances in engineering and material selection, GlassFit has perfected the trinity in glass pool fencing – precision materials, low-cost componentry and the smoothest glass fencing installation experience available.

Holding the fence proud are small stainless steel spigots, durable and desirable. Generous 12mm-thick clear glass panels stand tall, and barely visible.

The Ultimate Statement In Glass Pool Fencing

One panel six pins! Pin-fixed pool fencing is that easy but oh so effective. Extremely handy in a variety of situations, pin-fixed fencing does it all while maximising space. From the deck you can only see glass disappearing behind the edge giving you the sense of maximised space. From the outside the glass pool panels seem to float, effortlessly held in place by the sleek stand-off pins.

Glass pool fencing panels are impressive in appearence. They are sizable and are made of toughened glass, held strong by stainless steel stand-off pins and optional handrail.