We supply, install and sell a huge range of pool accessories including:

Heat Pumps

AstralPool Heat Pumps are an environmentally friendly option to heat your pool. Operating on a similar principal to your refrigerator or air conditioner, Heat Pumps use environmentally friendly refrigerant gas that extracts the latent heat from the air and transfers this heat into the pool water. A nearly silent compressor moves the refrigerant gas through a coil (called evaporator) through which air is forced and collects heat from the surrounding atmosphere.

The now superheated refrigerant gas then passes through a titanium heat exchanger (called a condenser) which transfers the heat into the pool water and the cycle starts again.So in fact, the power used by the heat pump does not create any heat, it is simply used to compress and move the refrigerant gas through the evaporator and condenser to collect and transfer heat from the atmosphere into your pool water.

For every 1 kW of electricity consumed, AstralPool Heat Pumps will collect up to 13 kW of heat from the atmosphere. Sunshine is not necessary and your Heat Pump will continue to heat your pool in air temperatures as low as 7 degrees. So even if the nights are cold, or the days leading up to the weekend are cool, your AstralPool Heat Pump can heat and maintain your pool water temperature at a comfortable swimming temperature.

Pool Pumps

AstralPool’s Viron XT pumps are incredibly efficient, reducing the lifetime pool operating and ownership costs while offering incredibly high flow and pressure when required to meet the most demanding applications. A full variable speed controller allows you to tailor the flow rate to suit your pool and filtration and unique features such as overdrive and fast prime make the XT the most versatile variable speed pump on the market.

Pool Cleaners

The cleanest pool with minimum effort. Equipped with the latest technology designed by AstralPool, these robotic cleaners are perfect for all types of pool shapes, sizes and surfaces. AstralPool robotic cleaners make pool cleaning easier and efficient. Thanks to the new 3D filter bag, it cleans 4 times better than other filters. The New filter bag fabric has loops that trap even the smallest microparticles.

The PVA wheels ensure that your cleaner adapts perfectly to any surface, whether tiling, a liner, polyester or painted concrete. They
ensure maximum grip to walls and all type of slopes.

Pool Filters

The FG fibreglass sand filter has been designed to provide high performance filtration for residential and small commercial pools and spas. Using the technology and expertise of AstralPool, the worlds largest commercial filter manufacturer, the FG series is designed
to meet today’s demands of modern pool systems. Every part of the filter has been designed to match high performance pumps and enhance the pump performance, allowing faster filtration using less energy.

The AstralPool FG Series sand filters are available in 4 different sizes complete with multi-port valve, pressure gauge, barrel unions
and backwash sight glass.

Salt Chlorinators

AstralPool’s new Viron Salt Chlorinator brings a new benchmark in efficiency, control, convenience and reliability. To be accurate, salt or minerals don’t sanitise the pool, chlorine does. Salt or minerals, when dissolved into your pool water are converted by the Viron Salt Chlorinator into chlorine which sanitises your pool.

The salts or minerals, in roughly the same solution as a tear drop, pass through the electrolytic plates in the Viron chlorinator cell to form chlorine which kills all the contaminants within the pool and prevents bacteria and algae from forming. What a nice solution – particularly when some of these minerals and salts can be so good for the health of your family just by being in your pool water. The result is pure, crystal clear, soft feeling water and happy, healthy swimmer